October 29, 2015


Certification in Public Relations By Team I

Public relations majorly involves persuading the public, customers, employees, partners, and clients to continue a certain view about the organization, its products, leaderships, decisions, and other aspects. A convenient skill to learn how things work and to spread information between individuals and organizations are public relations. Public relations are efficient to deal with futuristic, creative,…

ACIT Institute | Be An Ethical Hacker


Ethical hacking is used to shed light on the kind of hacking that is executed by an association or an individual in line with the plan to help in perceiving the potential risks that float around a particular computer system or a particular security network. The work of an ethical hacker is to try to…

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Career progression with an Executive MBA

In today’s highly competitive world, having just experience is not enough to plan a good career. It is just too important to possess higher qualification so to have an accomplished career. High qualification is the key to open all the closed doors towards your career. That being the case, people are opting for an executive…


Benefits of choosing PHP

PHP web development deals with creating sites and dynamic web pages by utilizing the adaptable and proficient server-side scripting coding language, PHP. This open-source and feature-rich language endows with a lot of benefits. It offers the entire functionality options that a proprietary or paid scripting coding language presents. Here are a couple of advantages that…


SEO Tips For Marketing

Web Marketing has emerged as an indispensable part of the marketing strategies which a company adopts to advertise their product/services. It broadly involves marketing of the websites which enclose service/product that has to be presented before internet users for booting business. Internet marketing derives its origin from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is the process…