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What are the Differences between a Resume and a CV?

Ever wondered why Americans apply for job with a Resume and the British with CV? Most professionals won’t be able to provide the real explanation. That’s why we asked educators at Brindavan College to help the curious ones out. What is a Resume? A Resume displays a summary of your work history, education and credentials…

Survive Tremor | Billabong High International School

Techniques to Survive Tremor By Billabong High International School

Recently, the north-eastern state Manipur was shook by the massive earthquake that hit there. Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has warned that bigger quakes are expected to jolt the region in future. If disaster management experts at the MHA are to be believed, then India is on the verge of being hit by massive and catastrophic…

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Benefits of online education

According to Jaro Education, the best online MBA institute in India, for self-motivated individuals, who yearn for learning fresh skills and progress in their careers without sinking their commitments towards their profession and/or family, online courses are a great option. Receiving education through web will also save heaps of your riches as you’ll pass up…

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Career scope in Engineering

India is rising enormously. Therefore India is in high demand of engineers. As we know whenever a country or anything for that matter tries to grow and develop engineers play a vital role. Thus Brindavan college addresses the scope and benefits of an engineer in India . Because of constant development, companies have made their employment schemes…


Want to make a career in marketing ?

Marketing is becoming a popular career choice for a lot of people. So if you also aspire to make a career in the field of marketing then this piece of writing is just for you!! Making a career in this particular domain means that you would be earning a good salary and additionally you would…