Distance Learning Universities.

List of top 5 Distance Learning Universities in India

Distance learning is a system wherein teachers and learners need not to be present at the same time and place. In the present situation, the distance learning education has become one of the most preferred choice among the students. It is a flexible technique which offers modalities and timing of teaching and learning.  Here is…


Parul University Organizes the Fourth Edition of Indian Summer School

The Fourth Edition of Indian Summer School was inaugurated recently at city-based Parul University wherein 11 Students from Wroclaw University of Science & Technology, Poland went for a one-month long Academic Exchange Program. “ Three Professors from the same University also went on a two week visit to PU for conducting extensive workshops and lecture…

ACIT Institute, Network Security

A Quick Overview Of Network Security And Its Importance

Undoubtedly, data is the most valuable asset of every business. “Many leading business organizations invest millions of dollars each year to secure their computer networks and to keep their trade data safe,” says an expert from ACIT Institute. No company can afford to lose the important research data on which the company has invested millions…


India’s logistics industry to reach $300 billion soon. Know how an MBA Logistics degree can put you onboard the fast flight to success

Every time I buy something in Amazon or any such e-commerce portal, and choose the ‘Overnight Shipping’ option for a variety of items, I wonder at the mechanism that gather my products from a warehouse several states away and deliver at my door within 24 hours. That is the marvel of Logistics, the invisible force…