India’s logistics industry to reach $300 billion soon. Know how an MBA Logistics degree can put you onboard the fast flight to success

Every time I buy something in Amazon or any such e-commerce portal, and choose the ‘Overnight Shipping’ option for a variety of items, I wonder at the mechanism that gather my products from a warehouse several states away and deliver at my door within 24 hours. That is the marvel of Logistics, the invisible force…


5 Reasons To Opt For MBA After Graduation

Ever wondered why everyone from graduates to those with ample of work experience wants to pursue MBA?  People generally make this decision without even knowing the exact benefits of having a MBA degree. Indian school of business, IBSAR , Symbiosis Institute of Business Management and many more are multi-disciplinary business schools who entirely focus on…

MBA through iFeel

MBA: Imparting Leadership & Entrepreneurship With iFeel

MBA can be pursued by anyone from any field, who wants to enhance their expertise level. It deals with the value addition that one gets while pursuing MBA, which is inclusive of, flourishing skills like managerial decision-making, attitudinal and behavioral change, analytical reasoning, creativity and innovation, problem-solving etc. MBA strongly prepares the students for both…