Event Planner : Career Roadmap

As per Teami, the core responsibilities of an event planner are to organize, coordinate and manage events like conferences, meetings, parties etc. Some planners solely organize particular types of events, such as some specialize in wedding planning. While the others may team up with big corporate clients or smaller private groups for organizing their business…


Certification in Public Relations By Team I

Public relations majorly involves persuading the public, customers, employees, partners, and clients to continue a certain view about the organization, its products, leaderships, decisions, and other aspects. A convenient skill to learn how things work and to spread information between individuals and organizations are public relations. Public relations are efficient to deal with futuristic, creative,…

Team i

7 Reasons To Opt Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing refers to the targeted marketing of products or services by means of digital channels to reach out for leads and convert them into customers. The main motive of Digital Marketing is to build up brands and boost sales through various digital marketing activities such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content…