January 9, 2016

Presentation Skills

Enhance Your Presentation Skills To Get A Job

Are your recruits well-trained to give away effective presentations for your company? According to Nice Solutions, a human capital training company, whether you’re indulged in a sales discussion, launching a product, pitching new prospects, delivering your assessment scheme, communicating to investors at your annual conference, or laying out your stratagem to your team, your business…

Survive Tremor | Billabong High International School

Techniques to Survive Tremor By Billabong High International School

Recently, the north-eastern state Manipur was shook by the massive earthquake that hit there. Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has warned that bigger quakes are expected to jolt the region in future. If disaster management experts at the MHA are to be believed, then India is on the verge of being hit by massive and catastrophic…

Improve Your Presentation Skills

Best Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Even the trained presenters second to the fact that giving away presentation is actually tough. And for those who are not born with innate expressiveness, public speaking can be really panicky. As per experts, what takes to be a great public speaker is their unique speaking style. For a full-fledged training you can join some…