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Accelerated General Management Program: Building real networks through virtual classrooms

The catchphrase “Your network is your net worth” is something a prospective management student would be reflecting upon time and again. Studies have shown that around 50 to 60 percent of MBA graduates get their dream job through peer networking and even most working executives acquire higher job roles through it.

In terms of peer networking, on-campus students are more favoured as they spend almost two years interacting with their fellow classmates, faculty members, and visitors. However, since it demands its students to compromise their jobs or even relocate at times, the online management programs are gaining more popularity which allows students to study while they work. Additionally, academicians at Jaro Education believe that the flexibility offered by executive management programs coupled with their standard of education, attracts more students to opt for these courses.

In executive management programs, creating peer networks may not be as easy as their face-to-face counterparts, however, it is never impossible. The Accelerated General Management Program by IIM Ahmedabad offers an online discussion forum in association with Jaro Education. Listed below are the some of the common networking opportunities the course offers and how you can make the most out of it.

  • Online discussions

Acknowledging the importance of teamwork and networking aspects of the management studies, IIM Ahmedabad’s Executive courses have been incorporated with research based projects, similar to the on-campus management courses. By constantly conversing with the cohorts and holding online discussions, you can maintain a strong connection with them, even though this might require a more concerted effort than the regular management programs.

  • Seizing in-person opportunities

Regardless of the advancements in digital communication, there is nothing like communicating in-person. On that note, AGMP, one of the IIM Executive Programs for working professionals (despite being an online course) includes in-campus sessions at IIM Ahmedabad. This presents an opportunity for the participants to interact with their classmates as well as forge healthy relationships with the faculty members.

Additionally, there are ways in which you can connect with the institution’s alumni network via online platforms, either through social media or by attending alumni meets. Leveraging the use of technology with HD Virtual classrooms and incorporating collaborative aspects in the curriculum of Accelerated General Management Program, IIM Ahmedabad has left no stone unturned when it comes to helping the participants build their professional network.

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