School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Scope of Pharmaceutical Sciences amid the Pandemic

As everyone across the globe is seeking measures to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare and Pharmaceutical professionals are performing the frontline roles. Pharmacists have come across as vital healthcare providers during this virus outbreak by serving as direct points of access to the Covid-19 patients through home deliveries of medicines, in addition to…


How to find best fit B-schools for yourself – guidance from experts at iFEEL Lonavala

Enrolling in a B-school is a life changing experience that not only allows you to pursue your higher aspiration but also reimagine your career plans. Experts at iFEEL Lonavala believe that understanding your needs and requirements is the most important tool for finding the best B-School. Selecting the most fitting B-school will determine your personal…

Apeejay Stya University propound seven tips for choosing the right university

Experts at Apeejay Stya University propound seven tips for choosing the right university

Searching for universities is one of the most crucial moments in your academic career. However, as onerous the process may seem, with the right guidance and advice, you can make it go by smoothly. Here are seven tips you can consider to make the entire process relatively hassle-free and more importantly, to ensure that you…

Tech Entrepreneurs from IITs

Becoming a tech entrepreneur: Are IITs helping the world move towards technology?

Thanks to the evolution of technology, we have been able to work from home efficiently during the COVID-19 pandemic, which would have been impossible a decade ago. Despite being away from the workplace, many businesses have been able to run their operations and deliver the tasks efficiently. Not just this, even the education sector has…