Tech Entrepreneurs from IITs

Becoming a tech entrepreneur: Are IITs helping the world move towards technology?

Thanks to the evolution of technology, we have been able to work from home efficiently during the COVID-19 pandemic, which would have been impossible a decade ago. Despite being away from the workplace, many businesses have been able to run their operations and deliver the tasks efficiently. Not just this, even the education sector has…

Up-skilling Educators The importance of skilled teachers in schools

Up-skilling Educators: The importance of skilled teachers in schools

Education plays a vital role in laying the foundation of a child’s life. Parents look for the best educational institutions for their children, based on different criteria. However, one thing that’s often overlooked is the skills of teachers who mould children’s personality and bring out the best in them. Teachers who are skilled at communication,…

Strategic management course

Strategic management course: Career, Scope and job prospects

A smart business strategy plays a pivotal role for any business organisation in the world. The consequences of inappropriate strategic planning can ruin the years of hard work. Companies that showcase innovations and forward-thinking approach have always lead the industry. Education experts across the globe believe that a good strategic management program from a respectable…