Authors Page

1. Author Name: Vishal Tiwari

Description: My expertise is in guiding people about their careers and different exams associated with them. I have a keen interest in cooking also.


                             Phone:  8948635746


2. Author Name: Kriti Ahuja

Description: I am a blogger and love to travel a lot. I have experience in Career Counselling.


                             Phone: 9205583578


3. Author Name: Hemant Gulati

Description: I am a blogger and write about various topics around education. I am also a very big foodie.


                             Phone:  875875358


4. Author Name: Herdit Singh

Description: I am a Law student and love to help people with the legal issue. I am a foodie too.


                             Phone: 98795678751


5. Author Name: Kiran Singh

Description: I am an engineer by profession and love blogging about technology trends.


                             Phone: 98795674587


6. Author Name: Rakesh Verma

Description: I am a professor of management studies and love to share my opinions and views about management principles.


                             Phone: 98795786945


7. Author Name: Himani Sharma

Description: I have the passion for medicine and I try to research on the topics related to human physiology and anatomy.


                             Phone: 9876579451


8. Author Name: Ashpreet Kaur

Description: I have 5-year experience in teaching commerce subjects and I like to share my knowledge through blogging and digital platforms.


                             Phone: 9789648513


9. Author Name: Shipra Singh

Description: I am a counselor by profession and help students in finding the best career out of their passion.


                             Phone: 9789546320


10. Author Name: Amit Shah

Description: I am a teacher by profession and blogger by passion. I teach about topics related to reasoning and aptitude.


                             Phone: 9875648257