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Quiz: A Beneficial Assessment for Students

A quiz is referred as a mind sport in which the participants endeavor to solve the given set of questions correctly. It is also known as a brief assessment implied in education and related fields which effectively measures the participant’s progress in knowledge, abilities, skills and more.

It can be perceived as an educational competition which enhances the educational skills of participants. Education is sort of incomplete without competition. The student is expected to get through the competition overpowering the other fellow participants.

Quiz assessments are really beneficial not only to check what students have learned, but also to encourage them learn more and work for compensating deficits. These testing assessments are used to motivate pupils, and assist them in remembering what they have actually learned, and at last evaluate what they have well-read.

A well-structured test doles out to motivate and help students construct their academic efforts.  Quizzes helps to highlight and go on with the learning process by offering students with pointers of what subjects or skills they haven’t mastered yet and should focus on.

Testing emotionally charges the students and produces a certain level of curiousness that will directly influence the overall outcome of the test. These evaluations efficiently measure both the simple knowledge as well as complex concepts of the students.

Listed below are the benefits of indulging in quiz activities:

  • Expanding the knowledge of participants
  • Includes the fun element but with a competitive touch
  • Inciting healthy debate amid participating players / teams
  • Stimulate group synchronization among students
  • Develops the habit of making new friends, even from diverse cultures

Billabong International School, Thane, is committed towards providing quality education to the students by promoting social and cultural activities. The school aims at providing a self-motivated environment which challenges the child to imagine and aspire.

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