Benefits of choosing PHP

PHP web development deals with creating sites and dynamic web pages by utilizing the adaptable and proficient server-side scripting coding language, PHP. This open-source and feature-rich language endows with a lot of benefits. It offers the entire functionality options that a proprietary or paid scripting coding language presents. Here are a couple of advantages that have made PHP web development popular:

  1. Free Of Cost

Being an open-source coding language, PHP can be developed and later updated by a group of developers from any part of the world. Consequently, the entire components of this language are free to use and share out.

  1. Capable

Apart from handling huge traffic at a time on a website, this language can be used to design almost any type of website. Many renowned social platforms and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc. are developed using PHP as their framework. And for the reason that it is server-side scripting, it can do whatever thing that other CGI programs can do.

  1. Easy

Owing to the fact that its code is rooted in the HTML source code and it is entirely dependent on C/C++, PHP features a readable and simply logical syntax. This language is extremely familiar, reason why programmers are especially comfortable coding with it.

  1. Platform Independent

It can be easily run on all chief operating systems such as Mac OS, UNIX and Windows and Linux.

  1. Supports All Major Web Servers

PHP supports all key web servers namely personal web-server, Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, iPlanet server, and more.

  1. Supports All Major Databases

It also supports major databases counting InterBase, MySQL, dBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, ODBC, SQLite, IBM DB2, etc.

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