Best B-schools in India for working professionals

The global economy is proliferating at a tremendous rate, giving rise to many new challenges while opening opportunities at the same time. And the result? A cut-throat business environment and big conglomerates running the race to make it to the top.

New markets are emerging and the speed of innovations is increasing with many companies developing new products and improved version of the old items. The present scenario of global business calls for effective professionals who combine theoretical concepts with practical decision-making skills. Academic experts at Woxsen School of Business opine that the demand is high for people with sufficient corporate experience who are well acquainted with the current landscape of global business.

Top B-schools in India like IIMA, ISB and Woxsen School of Business have incorporated different management courses in their curriculum for ambitious working professionals across the country. One of the most famous is PGPXP (Post Graduate Programme for Experienced Professionals) or Executive MBA. Because of the flexibility and career prospects offered by them, the management courses for the working professionals are gaining immense popularity in India. Listed below are some of the top management institutes in India offering different MBA courses for working professionals:

1. Woxsen School of Business, Hyderabad

Woxsen School of Business
Woxsen School of Business

The PGPXP course that WSB offers is designed for experienced professionals with technical/functional skills. The duration of the programme is one year and it aims at equipping students with the skills required to become managers and entrepreneurs.

What sets Woxsen School of Business apart is its extensive course curriculum that focuses mainly on imparting practical knowledge rather than mere theoretical concepts. The initial terms focus on the fundamental concepts of business, however as the fifth term draws close, students are required to select their area of specialisation. Because recruiters generally look for expertise in a particular field during the placement drives, choosing a specialisation will give the students an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Furthermore, WSB Hyderabad also offers its students value-added certification programmes to inculcate additional skills.

The college also offers its students the opportunity to visit some of the top business schools abroad and exposes them to the international business environment.

2. Indian School of Business Hyderabad

Counted among the Top b-schools in India, this institute offers Post Graduate Programme in Management for the Working Professionals (PGP Pro). Over the course of 18 months, students are equipped with the right practices and industry-based skills required for a wider understanding of business. The key focus of the programme is to provide the students with leadership and critical thinking skills.

3. Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

The programmes that IIM Lucknow offers to the working professionals are diverse. They are flexible enough for the students to be able to continue with their regular jobs. The key emphasis of these programmes is to equip the students with the management skills and enhance their leadership qualities.


MBA for working professionals provides the students the liberty to explore placement programs with lucrative packages. Experts at Woxsen School of Business, one of the top b-schools in Hyderabad, review that the PGPXP course, coupled with good work experience of the candidates, can also enable them to start a new business on their own.

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