carrer guidance and counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling helping people find happiness in professional life

There’s a staggering increase in the number of ‘depressed’ professionals lately. Most of them complain that they feel ‘out of place’ and they hate waking up in the morning for work. Well, psychologists suggest that job-related dissatisfaction is one of the most common factors of depression. The easiest way to fix this issue is to opt for career guidance and counselling.

It’s best to take career advice from a counsellor when you’re fresh out of college. However, it’s neither too late to change your profession if you feel out of sync with your daily routine in the middle of your career.
career guidance and career counselling
It’s the career counsellor’s job to map all your skills, your strengths, and your weaknesses to create a marketable career profile. Based on the report, the counsellor draws parallels to jobs that would employ your skills smoothly. Make sure you are honest during the guidance process. You’ll be asked about your most prized skills and enjoyable tasks that you’ll love repeating every day.

Career guidance professionals use updated job searching methods. They also use sophisticated resources and networking to track the demand of certain skills. With that information, the guide will help you write a skill and demand-centric effective resume that radically increases your chances of getting the perfect job.

Career counsellors also help you get back on your feet if you lose your job. Irrespective of the reason that cost you your career, the counsellors suggest temporary solutions that keep you financially sound. Meanwhile, they try to undo the damages and look for job openings that guarantee employment without facing any friction.

The most underrated and overlooked service of a career guidance professional is the motivation they provide to the people that come to them for help. When you are confused and unsure about your career’s future, the counsellor will clear the air with a friendly expert opinion. If your career path is harmful to your growth, you will know, If your career path accentuates your growth, you will be pushed.


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