career options after 12th science PCM

Worried about your future after 10+2? Here are some best career options for PCM students after 12th

There is no secret that the students with a PCM combination often struggle to find better opportunities other than engineering after 10+2. While some of them believe that there is limited scope in other options, others are not even unaware of what they can pursue.

We have listed some of the best career options after 12th science pcm :

Career options after 12th science pcm

1. Physics:

Although, everyone is not aware about it, opportunities galore with physics. If you have a strong logical thinking, problem solving capability, methodical approach and a bit of love for physics as a subject, you can surely choose it as your career option after 12th science pcm. You can develop skills to work in several fields, such as defense, healthcare, medical physics, nuclear physics, data science, etc.

2. Aviation:

This career option is a mixture of science, technology and travel. If you don’t want a sitting job of 9-5, then this option will suit you the best. It is not limited to the job of a pilot or a cabin crew member. There are a lot of options and it totally depends on your field of interest. You can work with both international and local airlines. It is not only a dynamic industry, but adventurous as well.

3. Architecture:

If you have a keen observational skill, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking and an eye for detail, this profession will suit you the best. The intensive planning and designing is the most important part of this profession. You can also specialize in various subfields, such as urban planning, landscape architecture, interior designing, etc.

4. Chemistry:

The best thing about a career in chemistry is that there is scope for intensive research, which is widely applicable. If you love to learn about the reactions and periodic table, then you must pick this subject. There are opportunities in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, petroleum, etc. You can also explore subfields such as, organic chemistry, food chemistry, environmental chemistry, etc.

5. Statistics:

Applying the numbers and data in a practical manner needs accuracy, which is the core requirement of statistics. If you are accurate with your number, statistics is a good field where you can practice to analyze trends and make predictions. You must also be strong with your analytical skills to find yourself at home. You can work in various sectors such as banking, insurance, investment, public health, agriculture, etc. It is no doubt a great career option after 12

6. Forensic science:

It is quickly becoming famous in India. Forensic science is a fascinating field to be a part of. It deals with collecting, documenting and analyzing the evidence. You must have observational and investigational skills to be a part of this field. You can work as a forensic scientist, crime scene investigator, polygraph examiner, etc. It is a very vast field, which throws a number of opportunities for each individual.

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