Career prospects for foreign language students

An increasing number of students are mastering a foreign language in their universities or via outside coaching. While a few are pursuing the language as a hobby, a majority of them is just trying to enhance their resume. However, the end goal is almost similar: to secure a job. While learning a language is a challenging task that requires a lot of time and energy, experts at inlingua New Delhi, a language learning institute suggest the following career possibilities for every aspirant:

Career Prospects


One of the most common yet competitive fields, translation is a step ahead of basic foreign language learning. A lesser known fact about this field is that translators work on specific domains like health, contracts, law, etc. So, it requires academic qualification or freelance experience (very competitive) in the field of choice. A business minded or marketing oriented person is more likely to ace this job.


Contrary to popular belief, translation and interpretation are totally different. While the former works on written texts, the latter is dedicated to spoken language. This is difficult in comparison to translation as verbal is fast, momentary and in a foreign language. Matching up to the speed of a native speaker with accuracy is easier said than done. Though the job is risky and challenging, the rush out of it is unparalleled.


One of the upcoming career prospects, diplomacy requires a degree in International Relations. The additional knowledge of foreign language creates an edge over other candidates while appearing for jobs in the ministry as well as non-government organizations. It is recommended for people who have the skills to handle other people.


It may feel like a non-native language speaker can never parallel their counterpart: it’s not true. While the language comes naturally to native speakers, it becomes equally difficult for them to explain some intricacies of the language. An instructor at inlingua New Delhi said, “A teacher who has learnt the language as a foreign one can understand the child psychology as well as doubts better.” Besides, it is pivotal to keep the demand-supply curve of language teachers and learners in check.

Customer Executive

Companies with foreign operational offices often have specialized position for multi-lingual people. Furthermore, it acts as a standout feature for a regular employee too. The reason is simple: customers prefer an executive who speaks in their language. It promotes fruitful communication along with increased customer satisfaction. For instance, a person with Spanish fluency has higher chances of travelling to offices in different locations like Argentina, Spain, and Puerto Rico that where a majority of the population speak Spanish.

It is equally important to understand that for either of these jobs, one cannot just study a language for 3 months and apply. Foreign language learning is a time-consuming process that requires regular practice over a span of time. However, the returns are worth a lifetime.

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