Worried about placements? Infowiz provides a comprehensive solution for engineering jobs

Engineering Placements- that moment of your college life when you utilize the knowledge gained through years to ensure a job in the corporate world. Dream companies, aspirations, job roles, expected packages, and endless other factors make it a nail-biting, yet exciting process for every candidate. But, the question is how many students get placed? Maybe…


Enhance your career prospects with Blockchain Training Programme from Amity University

An encrypted database that keeps a track on the data, blockchain technology works like a digital ledger with wide-ranging accessibility over several nodes (computers). It is well-known as the running technology behind digital currency- Bitcoin. What is blockchain technology? As a means of decentralized technology, blockchain is ingenious. Information put on the blockchain is shared,…

how to write a good resume

How to write a resume that sells you to the interviewer

A good resume can be a key to your desired corporate job. With piles of job applications that fill the desks of recruiting professionals, they have restricted time for each candidate. A well-formed vitae can lead you to better hiring chances, if created in a detailed, descriptive yet to the point manner. Here’s what recruiters…

infowiz review

Infowiz Chandigarh garners enthusing reviews from students

Infowiz Chandigarh has been on the industrial training block for some years now. In a short time, the tech company has garnered interesting evaluations that laud its services for its finesse and placement count. Its bundled offer of landing you in a job when you finish training, attracts the most attention from graduates. Nowadays, accredited…