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E-learning: The Hail Mary for students preparing for competitive exams

E-learning has been nothing short of a miracle for students preparing for competitive exams. The technology has successfully managed to take education beyond the confined space of training classrooms and impacted the lives of millions of aspirants. On that note, here are the five major benefits of e-learning experienced by a majority of students:- Accessible…


Tired of standard management programs? Switch over to custom solutions

The Centre for Executive Education & Consulting at Woxsen School of Business says that customization is the next step in the country’s management landscape Conventional definition of business management has evolved by leaps and bounds in today’s world in terms of operation as well as objectives. Factoring in the increasing customer demands, new technologies and…

Ryan International School

How schooling has a role to play beyond academics in today’s time

Be it knowledge, grades, or academic competitions, nearly every parent expects their child to excel in school. Irrespective of primary or secondary education, students mainly aim at scoring the best marks and have an exam-centric approach towards learning. But, here comes the question: Is education confined to academic knowledge only? And if not, what values…

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CSD Sahara Global Academy inaugurated in Lucknow

A global school, C.S.D. Sahara Global Academy was inaugurated by’ Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, in Lucknow.  The school, which would follow the Cambridge (UK) curriculum, has been designed with the aim of developing and empowering students, through focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing courses. In her…


The Campus connect: Why Educational Institutions are focusing on largesse

A lush green expanse sprawling through acres, complete with amenities like golf course, gymnasium, and specific recreational areas – that is the new standard of an educational campus. The scale of grandeur mapped by some institutions gives birth to a curious question: Why are educational institutions focusing on largesse of the campus? The answer is…