Ryan international school

Mission Admission: Parents’ Guide to Interaction

Securing admission in the best schools is no child’s play. As the date for the final list for Nursery admissions approaches, Ryan International School brings you all what you need to know about the importance of interactions in the selection process. Purpose of the interaction Interactions are an indispensable part of the selection process. On…


Your board exam preparation app – Better and smarter!

With board exams nearing, here’s how you can make the most of the smart learning app Toppscholars with its bespoke features and comprehensive content With board exams just around the corner, you may often find yourself confused over which books to refer, what areas to improve on, and panic over the countless practice questions you…

higher education

Internationalization of higher education; intrinsically embedded in India’s diversified education system

India’s higher education is on the path of groundbreaking transformation, riding on its excellent economic rise in the last few decades. The country has seen tremendous development in its effort to become a center of the global education industry. In recent times, the internationalization of higher education has emerged as a remarkable strand in the…

globalization of Indian schooling system

A need for globalization of Indian schooling system

All the things that have been touched by the process of globalization have been transformed considerably. When it comes to India, especially after the opening up of the Indian market to the world, almost everything has changed. In the opinion of the experts, a thing that has been untouched by globalization are Indian schools. Indian…

Jaro Education

Accelerated General Management Program: Building real networks through virtual classrooms

The catchphrase “Your network is your net worth” is something a prospective management student would be reflecting upon time and again. Studies have shown that around 50 to 60 percent of MBA graduates get their dream job through peer networking and even most working executives acquire higher job roles through it. In terms of peer…