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Increasing preference for Professional Certification Courses in India

Are you confident that you can secure a job based on your academic qualifications? Do you think you can enhance your skills with job experience only? If there’s even a shred of doubt in your head, professional certification courses offer the assurance you’re looking for. With e-learning stealing the spotlight in previous years, multiple organizations…

Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Science

Why is now the right time to know about Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Science?

We officially live in a data-driven environment. Already taking the technology by storm, the data generation rate is even more than the human birth rate. With every next step, the world is moving towards a digital economy, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we clinch that data will largely form our tomorrow. If data…


Modern Day Jobs of the 21st century: Data Scientist

Companies today are in dire need for data scientists. Why if you ask? With the increasing volume, and complexity of data handling, they need professionals to do the excruciating task for them. But with increased complexity of tasks comes attractive salary, and according to LinkedIn, career in data science has seen an exponential growth, becoming…


Diploma Courses by Infowiz Chandigarh: Your gateway to a brighter career

With the development of an ever-changing employment scenario in India, more and more students are finding themselves in a fix regarding which course to choose for studying. There also has been a shift from the pursuit of degree courses to that of diploma courses, since the latter provide professional qualifications sooner than a degree program.…