Want to practice law after graduation? Here’s all you need to know about the process!

A number of students in India aspire to pursue law after graduation. There is great scope for law in the country. However, Bachelor’s programs in law (L.L.B) often cause confusion among the students as to why they are important. These type of degrees include all the essential categories of law. Students aspiring to do L.L.B…


There’s more to your career choice than ‘doing what you love’

Most of us do not have a defined framework for our career path. The primary reason for this is our conventional approach towards academics with percentages being the top priority in school life and copied assignments in colleges. Consequently, when it is time to choose a career, we usually follow the herd or decide better…

vicky sarin

Increasing preference for Professional Certification Courses in India

Are you confident that you can secure a job based on your academic qualifications? Do you think you can enhance your skills with job experience only? If there’s even a shred of doubt in your head, professional certification courses offer the assurance you’re looking for. With e-learning stealing the spotlight in previous years, multiple organizations…

Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Science

Why is now the right time to know about Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Science?

We officially live in a data-driven environment. Already taking the technology by storm, the data generation rate is even more than the human birth rate. With every next step, the world is moving towards a digital economy, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we clinch that data will largely form our tomorrow. If data…