P.B Siddhartha College

P.B Siddhartha College prepares itself for the AI industry

In the past few years, it has become more critical to study subjects like artificial intelligence and data science. According to online learning platforms, many companies even outside the IT sector prefer to hire candidates with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence. Tech courses are becoming increasingly popular among students of all backgrounds. As a…

Trending careers in 2021

Trending careers in 2021 and beyond

While the pandemic has changed the idea of how businesses operate when it broke out, thousands of people lost their jobs and thousands more had to walk on a tight rope. As we gradually proceed towards a post-COVID world, predicting which sectors will thrive is not easy. However, there are some fields that are bound…

IIT delhi placements

IIT Delhi Average Package, Top Domestic and International Companies

IIT Delhi Placement 2021 – Salary Trends, Highest, Average & Median Salary, Top Companies. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is one among the fifteen IITs created to be the Centers of Excellence for training, research, and development in science, engineering, and technology in India. Conducted from December to May in different phases, recruitment and placements…