Integrated Teacher Education Programme

Education Ministry to launch four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme

The Ministry of Education has recently announced the launch of a four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP). The latter is a dual-major holistic bachelor’s degree offering BA-BEd, BSc-BEd, and BCom-BEd. Slated to be launched from the 2022-23 academic session, the course will initially be offered in pilot mode in around 50 selected multidisciplinary institutions. A…


What makes ITIL Certification the key to IT company development

  IT companies offer services to their customer that help in better management, productivity, and profit of their business. The provider of these services devices an entire framework ranging from designing to operational control for effective output. With the changing times and technological advancement, it is imperative that these services are subjected to suitable upgradation.…

teami school of new visual merchandising

Why Visual Merchandising is Important

Visual merchandising is a term defining the retail strategies that capitalize on the aesthetics of a product with the objective to boost sales. Visual merchandising may perhaps also contribute a bit in the look, feel and mores of a brand. if done well, it can generate responsiveness while at the same time increasing brand loyalty.…