Koti women college

After 4 years of approval, Telangana will get its first Women’s University by 2022-23

The Koti Women’s College in Telangana is now going to be the first all-women university in the state. The college is currently affiliated with Osmania University, which is accredited by NAAC. K Chandrasekar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, approved the proposal to convert the college into a university in 2018. It will be converted…

upgrad online courses

“UpGrad stirs up the debate about online courses becoming the face of higher education by making Caltech , California its University partner”

Online shopping, online classes, online meetings, online courses, and much more. The whole world went online since the coronavirus outbreak in 2020. The pandemic may have limited our potential in one way, but it has also pushed us to new innovations. One of the things that became really popular during the pandemic is online education.…

Trending careers in 2021

Trending careers in 2021 and beyond

While the pandemic has changed the idea of how businesses operate when it broke out, thousands of people lost their jobs and thousands more had to walk on a tight rope. As we gradually proceed towards a post-COVID world, predicting which sectors will thrive is not easy. However, there are some fields that are bound…

Women in digital world.

Women in Digital World and the hurdles they cross

Digitalization appears to favor the female workforce, and is leading to the growth of women in digital world. It is believed that they face lower risk of being replaced by machines, as compared to their male counterpart. A growing awareness of women equality and empowerment is leading to the growth of women participating in the…

Top music classes in delhi

Looking for a good music school? We bring you 5 Top music classes in Delhi

Music makes our lives amazing, for there are few things that can match both the massive entertainment and enduring love that music provides to both – the audience as well as the practitioners. Learning music can bring heaps of joy to some. We bring you 5 Top music classes in  Delhi. Have a look: 1. Gandharva…