Covid 19 and education system in India

Covid-19 lockdown: How the pandemic is highlighting the need to change country’s education system?

Everyone’s life is affected due to the outbreak of coronavirus, whether it is students, parents, or teachers. The COVID- 19 outbreak has highlighted the need to strengthen the ways of the education system in India.  However, many questions have been answered about the education sector which were previously asked and left unanswered. Many innovations and…

E-learning proliferates amidst coronavirus outbreak

Increasing popularity of online learning education due to coronavirus outbreak

The lockdown across the Nation has brought the  country to a standstill. People and students are staying inside their homes as a precautionary measure. Following this, surge of learners on the digital platforms of education is observed. As per the HRD Ministry, the digital education initiatives have recorded a boom in number of users and…

Rajat Khare entrepreneur

Rajat Khare founder of Boundary Holding

An IIT-Delhi alumni in B.Tech (Computer Science), Rajat Khare is best known as the founder of Boundary Holding, a European investment fund with presence in Luxembourg and France. He is also an active member of the Indian angel network and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), IIT Delhi’s alumni association. Khare’s company is globally known as an unconventional bridge fund organization that…