The changing trend: AI courses gaining popularity over traditional courses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed to an extent that it is transforming the industries by making business solutions efficient and effective on a very large scale. We are living in a period with technological ultra-advancement and more and more people relying upon AI as compared to the processes which are manually done. This means that there is a progression in the use of machines, automatic processes and various software in businesses.

Experts at Teachingkrow – a leading e-learning website suggest that with the growing popularity of AI, Data Science and Machine Learning (ML), many young minds from India are opting for AI and ML courses over the traditional ones. Although, there are several universities which are offering diploma courses in AI, but traditional courses remain the preferred choice of the top-ranking JEE students. However, the trend has changed recently. IIT Hyderabad became the first and the only institute among the 23 IITs to offer a four-year UG programme in AI.

This change in trend is mainly due to the high industry demand. The expansion of AI and ML technologies are resulting in inclusion of the technology in the curriculum, so that the students could have a strong foundation of them. Those skilled in AI and ML not only have higher chances of getting hired but are also expected to be exposed to hot domains such as robotics, computer vision, edge computing, internet of things amongst others.

There is a huge demand of highly specialized skilled employees in AI and ML, but the demands are not meeting the supply, resulting in a shortage of such employees in market. Keeping in mind the shortage, several universities including the IITs rolled out several certificate and few degree programmes in AI. It is expected that AI could create 58 million jobs in the upcoming years.

The onus of training young minds in the emerging technology is not only with the institutes, the companies are also taking up the responsibilities to train them. Several companies such as GE Research, Wipro, etc. have been collaborating with the institutes and universities to offer the best to the students enrolled in such courses. But most of these courses are only available to the students who have just passed out 12th standard or are about to finish their undergrad programme.

If you are a working professional and looking for upskilling yourself in AI courses, but don’t have the time to opt for the regular courses, the option of e-learning courses is best suited for you. TeachingKrow – one of the leading e-learning website offers two AI courses – AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow, and ML certification training using Python. These two courses will not only make you an expert in the related domains but will also strengthen your resume, resulting in an increase in your paycheque subsequently.

Career in AI is definitely very bright as the market is expected to boom in the coming years. Not only the private sector but the government is also focusing on AI to a great extent. Under the Digital India initiative, the government’s national programme is focusing on the development of AI technology and there have been several positive outcomes all over the country.

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