How China is emerging as a global hub for students

However, things have started to change in the last few years, especially in China. The country has shifted its focus towards establishing competitive universities and colleges with great affordability and appetite. With the help of recruitment agencies like Haida International, the country is importing skilled and experienced foreign teachers, who are changing the outlook of the education sector in China by sharing new ideas and concepts.


How China is emerging as a global hub for students

With this change, a large number of students are now preferring to study in China instead of expensive foreign countries. The number of Chinese students going abroad is also decreasing with an increase in the number of students coming to the country. There are not many students who can afford to go abroad. The students who are not able to study in the developed countries due to the lack of funds are benefiting from the transformation in China’s education sector. It is not only affordable but proficient as well.

Recently, the Chinese government presented its annual selection of around 15 BC and Alberta college students to receive full scholarships for a year in China. The officials made it clear that the effort to draw more students from Canada and elsewhere in the world into China’s educational machine will continue in the future.

Focusing on long-term benefits, the authorities in China have batted for a strong education system. The country may be the largest exporter of students into different countries around the world, but it is also the third most popular for the students nowadays. When the students look up for top universities in the world, 50 out of the top 500 universities are in China. This makes the deal very simple for them.

All in all, China’s ability to attract students remains strongest in Asia, and the availability of key English programs remains abundant with recruitment companies like Haida Interact International playing an important role.

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