Covid 19 and education system in India

Covid-19 lockdown: How the pandemic is highlighting the need to change country’s education system?

Everyone’s life is affected due to the outbreak of coronavirus, whether it is students, parents, or teachers. The COVID- 19 outbreak has highlighted the need to strengthen the ways of the education system in India.  However, many questions have been answered about the education sector which were previously asked and left unanswered.

Many innovations and modern techniques to educate the students are emerging that should have been adopted much before. Set up of new solutions in this sector is leading to the much needed innovation.

It has highlighted the requirement for enhancing the education sector and modernizing the traditional ways of classroom teachings.

In order to offer education to all sections of society, the digital gap must be diminished so that technology can be availed by all.

It is not only a chance to rethink the education structure, but also an opportunity to visualize how to evolve online education and adopt other efficient techniques to make students learn out of the classroom.

The change in learning process like Video lectures, online tutorials, notes, and the new course of learning needs to be adopted. The focus must shift from notes to skillful and practical learning.

Not just students but parents and teachers are required to develop skills like adaptability, collaboration, communication, creativity when it comes to the use of technology in the education sector.

Technology is playing a vital role in the lockdown period, especially when it comes to studying from home. In India, some private schools have successfully adopted online teaching methods. However, some low-income private and government schools are not able to completely adopt e-learning methods, which remains an issue yet to be addressed.

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