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Wondering how to deploy your management skills at home during this lockdown? Here’s what experts at iFEEL Lonavala have to say!

Being housebound may feel long and drawn out but if you are a management student, here are some advices from academic experts at iFEEL Lonavala to help you be productive while utilising the skills and knowledge that you have.

Teamwork, industry visits, group discussions and hands-on learning are the key highlights of management courses requiring the students to be relatively more proactive. However, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak that led to temporary shutdown of colleges and nationwide lockdown, the humdrum of self-quarantine and indolence can be mentally agitating for them. With lots of extra time in your hands, there are several ways one can make use of  it in a more productive manner that can not only help you but your near ones as well.

Since B-schools train students in such a way that their skills and knowledge can come in handy not only in the corporate space but in day to day life as well, now is the right time to make use of them. Check with your neighbours and relatives who live alone and see if your talent or experience can be utilised in any way to help them. “With the postponement of school exams, imparting your business management or accounts knowledge to your near ones who are studying commerce may be a good way to start as well,” said a faculty member at iFEEL Lonavala, one of the top PGDM colleges in Mumbai.

As a management student, another way to make the best use of time during self-isolation is by role playing interview either through a video call or in-person with a friend or family member. This may seem worthless but it will undoubtedly help you prepare yourself for the interviews you will have to clear once you complete your MBA or PGDM courses. In addition, the outbreak of novel coronavirus has inevitably led to a massive financial stress especially among the poor and lower middle class people. On that note, academic experts at iFEEL suggest helping those people to whom your finance skills can be of any help, for instance, helping them in managing their budget and spending limits.

With this, not only will you be helping others but will be honing your skills as well. However, while it is wise to help others, it is equally important to take care of yourself by doing regular exercise, adopting healthy food habits and abiding by the prevention protocols of coronavirus.

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