online courses at home during lockdown

The country has been locked down but there is no stopping your progress!

Netflix and chill sure must be the number one thing you must be doing right now during this quarantine period but there are more productive ways to utilise this extra time in your hands. Here are some skills you can learn online that can help you remain at the forefront of your career.

With everything going on around the globe due to the outbreak of Covid-19, it is crucial to remain updated with the news and relevant information while abiding by the prevention protocols, most important of which is staying home and washing your hands frequently. However, with so much extra time in your hands, other than binge-watching series and video-calling your best friend for the umpteenth time, there are a number of other options to go for. How about learning something new to boost your resume?

The times are definitely challenging, however, rather than indolence, anxiety and panic getting in your way, you can make the most of this time by seeking some world-class learning experiences online.

It’s a digital world we live in — which means, there is no paucity in online resources and learning materials. Here are some interesting new things you can learn online.

  • Online course – Always wanted to pursue a course but never had the time to do it? Maybe, now is the right time. There are millions of free courses available online and in fact, some of the sites have even rolled out discounts as well. This can be a great way to start learning the skills you think you have been lacking.
  • Coding —If the pandemic has made you realise that you might need a job that you can do remotely if the situation demands, coding is one of the skills that you ought to learn.
  • Learn soft skills by co-working virtually – Teamwork and communication skills are imperative, regardless of the kind of industry you wish to work in. While most of us are used to the in-person structure of working, virtual co-working can also be equally impactful. In fact, there are many ed-tech companies that offer online courses while enabling students to connect with their fellow classmates to discuss on specific topics. By doing so, you will be honing your soft skills as well such as communication and team work which we usually think can be possible only in person. Last but not the least, by working virtually, you will not only be keeping each other’s company but learn from each other while completing your respective projects as well.

Now break your mundane quarantine blues by learning new skills so that when you get back to work or college once the lockdown is over, you can deploy those skills for your career growth.

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