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E-learning apps: Whiteboards, teachers, guidebooks – all at your fingertips!

Online learning has become an integral aspect of the education system and on a broader scale, a popular tool in higher education. Education and learning apps are gaining immense popularity, especially among K-12 students. This inevitably begs the question –

How can these apps improve students’ academic performance? Here’s how!


Dropping out of schools usually results in students’ disengagement from the course materials, resulting in an unwillingness to learn and ultimately their academic failure.

On the other hand, studies have shown online learning to be better at engaging students, significantly enhancing their learning process. With the use of mobile devices, apps and multimedia tools, smart-learning apps like Toppscholars make learning more fun and interactive. Therefore, keeping the students engaged in studies won’t require much effort.

Personalized learning

The educational apps for students allow them to choose how they would like to learn. Every child learns differently–while some are more inclined towards visual learning, others may be reliant on audios. An online learning app caters to all kinds of students. For instance, Toppscholars comes with features such as pre-recorded lectures with 3D animated demonstration and digital notes on various subjects. Therefore, even when children are unable to keep up with the pace teachers deliver lectures in class, they can always cover up by referring to apps like these.

Better exam preparation

Most e-learning apps these days have personalized practice tests that adapt to students’ learning ability and speed. In addition, students can gain simulated experiences through mock tests based on previous years’ papers. Subjects like Maths and Science are considered among the challenging ones requiring a lot of practice. E-learning apps help students prepare well and score better, especially in the subjects they are weak at.

Through educational apps, students get the best learning experience possible. Academic experts at Toppscholars opine that using them the right way can help students work on their present areas of concern and bring a difference in their academic field.

Digital learning will continue to assimilate the learning environment, and it can be beneficial for students who embrace its value. The best thing about these e-learning apps is the fact that they are highly cost-effective and promise the best learning experience.

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