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E-learning: The Hail Mary for students preparing for competitive exams

E-learning has been nothing short of a miracle for students preparing for competitive exams. The technology has successfully managed to take education beyond the confined space of training classrooms and impacted the lives of millions of aspirants. On that note, here are the five major benefits of e-learning experienced by a majority of students:-


While preparing for competitive exams, every second is crucial for the students. In such a scenario, a lot of students complained about time wastage in the form of travel hours whereas some don’t even have access to a dedicated coaching institute. The advent of e-learning was successful in bringing educational resources to the homes of students, thereby saving a fair amount of time and money without compromising on education quality.


Instead of a five-figure coaching institute fees, the cost for access to competitive exam training was reduced down to a mobile, a reasonable internet connection, and maybe, subscription charges. This helped in establishing a common platform of competition between students from all walks of life and motivate them to work harder.


Arguably the biggest benefit of e-learning. Students have often faced the problem of being unable to study without a lack of supervision or a dedicated environment. However, the combined impact of e-learning benefits has been instrumental in motivating students to develop a routine of self-study. In addition, the independence of self-study allows each individual to learn at his/her own pace.

Dedicated teacher attention

E-learning has been efficient in targeting the prolonged issue of teacher attention among students due to high batch strength and consistent lectures. Repository or database of various applications and websites that coach students for competitive exams consist of individual professor lectures. Their pre-recorded nature not only eliminates the complaints, but further helps in improving the subject matter understanding.

Better visualization

Recorded videos involving professor chalk-board and graphical/ animated representation of various concepts enhances visualization. This directly contributes to a better understanding of subjects and further, motivates the students to establish a firm grip on the subject.

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