Edtech ventures

EdTech ventures ushering a new wave of education and learning in India

Owing to the digital tornado and advancement in technology, things are simpler and robust than ever. In the wake of this revolution, almost every single process is going paperless: banking, bills, newspaper, and what not. It has changed the way things work. The manifestation of technology can be seen in all the spheres of our life, including our education system.

Indian education system is no longer confined to the four walls of a classrooms. Thanks to the ed-tech initiatives and companies, the online learning sector in our country is growing manifold.  These companies have already carved their niche in what they think will be the next big thing in our country.

Today, students have access to technology-enhanced learning via interactive videos, textbooks and customised learning modules. It has transformed the traditional classroom setup into an online, self-driven system of education.

Various studies show that India has immense scope for e-learning and boasts of being one of its largest markets. A number of Digital India campaigns running under the flagship of PM Modi have further bolstered its reach.

The online training programs in India include school and college-based courses as well as mid-level professional courses. Several ed-tech institutes are spearheading the second-wave of the evolution in education with their diverse range of learning solutions. They have successfully created and made the best use of digital products and online learning solutions. More than 10,000 Government Schools in the remotest corners of the country, became digitally equipped when these companies collaborated with various state governments. They have ushered in a digital revolution in Indian schools offering certification courses.

Addressing the issues related to infrastructure and manpower in the education sector, e-learning has eliminated the snag of geography as a major factor in the student-institution relationship.

With both students as well as the teachers rapidly embracing the expediency and convenience offered by e-learning, the conventional system of education is undergoing a sea change, and for the good. Certainly, this transition from virtual to digital sphere is not just a fad, but a revolution of sorts.

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