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EMBA in Financial Market: Mastering in finance fora career in stock market

The stock market of India is proliferating at a rapid pace. In fact, the country’s market capitalisation currently stands at over $2 trillion and ranks eighth among the top equity markets in the world. With the growth of the market, new employment opportunities have also opened up, offering lucrative career options to job-seekers regardless of their academic background and age.

However, many consider people from commerce background to be eligible for a career in the stock market. While they may have an upper-hand, statistics drawn by experts at Jaro Education show that irrespective of the academic stream, anyone with an in-depth understanding of the market theoretically as well as practically, has the potential to successfully move up the corporate ladder.

That said, Executive MBA in financial market offered by NSE Academy aims to offer an up-to-date and contemporary knowledge of the industry to working professionals while equipping them with the right skill set required in the current financial market. The course can be opted by any graduate (with more than 50% marks) from any recognised university, thus providing an opportunity for MBA aspirants from other academic backgrounds besides commerce.

Practical online training with real-time trading experience

The 18-month long weekend programme curated for the working executives offers a detailed knowledge on the fundamentals of stock market, such as trading, capital markets, and regulatory bodies. A comprehensive course like this not only increases one’s career prospects in the stock market, but paves ways for varied job positions in the finance industry as well.

Practical online training of 60 hours is offered during those months on all the important aspects of the finance industry including equity, technical analysis, debt, fundamental analysis and commodity.

Not overlooking the practical aspect of learning, NSE Academy also offers a simulated live market trading experience to the participants. Result? You will be fully prepared to practice trade and be job-ready for the finance market.

Mentorship from experts and acquirement of multiple certificates

Experts from finance industry are assigned as mentors or resource persons for the students. By learning from real-time experience of the faculty members, the concept at hand will be better engrained in your mind. By the end of the term, each student will have received 15 certificates (12 from NCFM, 1 EMBA, 1 GNIMS and 1 LTS).

Collaborating with leading management institutes and ed-tech companies like GNIMS and Jaro Education, NSE Academy ensures that the course curriculum is constantly enriched with an effective delivery. With the burgeoning stock market of India, an EMBA in financial market may be the key to secure your career in the sector.

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