Event Planner : Career Roadmap

As per Teami, the core responsibilities of an event planner are to organize, coordinate and manage events like conferences, meetings, parties etc. Some planners solely organize particular types of events, such as some specialize in wedding planning. While the others may team up with big corporate clients or smaller private groups for organizing their business related events. A lot of planners are engaged in their own businesses, while the rest may work for different event planning agencies. Owing to the nature of the work, nearly all planners work for long and irregular hours.

The fun factor of organizing weddings is that, even though the end goal is always the same, each company does it in its own unique style. Each wedding has a unique couple and the company has to cater their specific needs. They gain an in-depth understanding of what sort of wedding they desire. The planners are then able to let their artistic juices flow as they turn up with scores of rousing ideas on major aspects of the wedding like the theme, venue, invites and whatnot.a

These elaborated details will endow their clients with a wedding that is extraordinary and one-of-its-kind. Additionally, the support and assistance a wedding planner provides the couples make their big day a special one. It helps them to feel positive and reassured; hence this is a worthwhile career to pursue.

Initial salaries when working for wedding and event planning companies can start from £16,000 and go till £20,000 a year and more experience can see this increase to £25,000 and above.So if you like making the events a smash hit that leave people wondering about your work and extremely happy, why not utilize your flair to help those in love tie the knot ?

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