unconventional yet lucrative options for career

Finding it difficult to choose your career? Here are few unconventional yet lucrative options

Choosing a career can be very difficult for youngsters today especially in India where there is a lot of peer pressure to choose traditional professions over the unconventional one. The new world is giving an ample of unconventional opportunities to the millennials. Below is the list of some of the unconventional yet lucrative career options.

1. Writing

Yes, you heard it right! You can pursue your dream of being a writer as there are several options where you can get rightly paid for your wonderful skill of writing. Although there is a conventional form of writing present in the market which includes working as an editor for newspapers and magazines. With recent digitization, it has opened up new opportunities for commercial writing. Today, you can work for several digital marketing companies as content creators –copywriting and creative writing amongst others.

2. Photography

With the coming up of Instagram where you can market your photos, photography has emerged to be a great career option for photography enthusiasts. It is a great opportunity for you to fulfill your passion while earning great money. Earlier, photographers were generally engaged in working for magazines or either as event freelancers. Today there are ample opportunities in the sub-branches of photography such as wildlife photography, food photography, fashion photography and a lot more.

3. Culinary Arts

With the rising hospitality industry in India, culinary arts is evolving as a high demand profession. If you are the person who loves to add flavor to everyone’s life than the profession in culinary arts is for you! A few years ago cooking was only seen as an activity, today it is more considered as an art and a significant number of millennials are showing their interest in the field. You can also multiply your career prospects in other verticles related to culinary arts that include base kitchen caterer, recipe book writer, wedding caterer, restaurant manager and many more.

We all know that ambition is an essential ingredient for any successful career. People often get several opportunities in their lifetime, but the most important thing is to identify the right one at the right time to achieve your goals. So grab that opportunity while following your profession with ambition.

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