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Focusing on creating creative curriculum based on the requirements of future

Until recently, AI and robotics largely remained in the imagination of the people, often represented in the fiction movies. At present, the overwhelming use of automation constitutes that these technologies are no more imagination. The technical innovation has already arrived and is standing on our doorsteps in the form of the fourth revolution. Many parts of the world, including the US, China and several pieces of Europe are working in the direction of formulating innovations based on AI and automation. In contrary, we in India are not developing our education system to update the policy at a pace with which the scenario is changing forever.

How is automation affecting the world?

A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute, claims that almost 750 occupations which constitute around 51 per cent of job activities are ‘susceptible’ to automation. Although the study contradicts to the claim of alarmists that automation would eat up jobs resulting in mass unemployment, it suggests the development will only redefine the skill set for most of the occupations.

What should we do?

The only way out to train our upcoming generations for rapidly changing landscape is by creating a dynamic and creative curriculum. Unfortunately, the Indian education system is by and significant works on century-old teaching methodologies, heavily depending upon writing, reading, maths, science, history, political science etc. Another major problem that has eaten up the innovation is rot learning on which our teachers heavily rely upon.

What kind of curriculum do we need?

Perhaps, the best way would be to introduce a creative curriculum which develops analytical thinking of the students. Curriculum-based on problem-solving, creative thinking, and making students learn how to collaborate and work in a team is what that is required. In India, there are several schools which make student learn digital skills. Still, they are limited mainly to how to use technology rather than focusing on how to develop a technology.

Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, what earlier used to be essential has become obsolete today, and what today is prominent will get replaced by another technology tomorrow. Hence, there is an urgent need to redefine our foundational education which heavily rely on teaching what has happened in the past into the one servers the requirement of tomorrow.

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