Girl Education- Secret to Shifting Global Perspective

Girl Education- Secret to Shifting Global Perspective

Girl Education is imperative for elevating the landscape of the world, one nation at a time. And mind you, this is not an article on women’s emancipation where philosophical thoughts are blurted out. It is about citing the hows and whys of educating little young guns of the world metamorphosing them into empowering women of tomorrow.

How many of you dream of a world wherein the mind is devoid of any apprehensions and everyone exists with sheer dignity in equal measure. Although Rabindranath Tagore had centuries ago penned this thought into the legendary poem in 1900, the climate of the implementation of these life-changing words is still foggy.

Talking about the literacy statistics of Indian females is 70.3 percent in comparison to the male literacy rate that amounts to 84.7 percent while India’s average literacy rate is holding up to 77.7 percent as quoted by NSO.

Shedding light on the global statistics of female education is going to leave you astonished. Across the globe, if statistics are anything to go by, 129 million girls are unschooled i.e. out of school. These stats are inclusive of 32 million girls of primary school age, 30 million of lower-secondary school age, and 67 million of upper-secondary school age. It would leave people popping their eyes out of surprise that merely 49 percent of nations have accomplished equality in gender parity when it comes to primary education and they are considered as one of the wealthiest in the world.

Educating women means educating the entire family and the world, one step at a time. Well-educated females are likely to make informed decisions.

Females tend to share the knowledge with their family which leads to more educated people. The confidence and self-esteem go a notch higher and chances of being fooled due to illiteracy are nullified. Also, homemakers are able to manage household duties including the finances as well as their lives better. Children of better-educated females also turn out to be smarter when it comes to communication or handling mundane challenges.

Ergo, girl education is equal to empowering the world at a large and not just the girl child. Also, they have brighter career prospects ahead and not to forget being the decision-maker of their marriage-related choices. Time to hand them over the lost reins of their life choices.

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