Goral Gandhi

Goral Gandhi, Embryologist in Mumbai

Goral Gandhi, a well-known name in the Indian IVF sphere, is a clinical embryologist based in Mumbai. In a highly successful career spanning more than 25 years as a reproductive specialist, she has helped thousands of childless couples enjoy parenthood.

The illustrious career of Mrs. Gandhi, who is now the founder and laboratory director of Indo Nippon IVF, began at a fertility center in Mumbai. She went on to serve as the vice president of operations at Rotunda — the Center for Human Reproduction, for about 17 years (2000-2017). She has immense experience in designing and developing assisted conception laboratories in India and Ghana.

The Mumbai University alumnus is an M. Sc. in Applied Biology. During her educational life, she was involved in multiple research works on quality control in laboratories. After her three-months of research at the London-based Hammersmith Hospital, Goral Gandhi got the opportunity to serve as a fellow at the university hospital’s IVF laboratory in Belgium. She also worked at the Egyptian IVF Center in Cairo that contributed to deepening her knowledge about the science of assisted reproduction and laboratory management. Apart from this, Goral Gandhi has also served as a fellow in and gained tremendous knowledge in reputed IVF centers around the world, including Singapore, Israel, Turkey, UAE, Jordon, Ghana.

A highly successful career followed the glorious educational life of embryologist Dr. Goral Gandhi. She has made outstanding contributions in the field of In vitro fertilization, reproductive science, ICSI and Vitrification technique over the course of time. Dr. Gandhi has also set up a number of IVF laboratories all across India. Her studies and research works have continued to benefit thousands of Embryology students.

Her biggest contribution to the IVF industry till date is the establishment of Indo Nippon IVF Clinic in Mumbai. Her IVF and assisted reproduction center aims to offer services of the first order related to Egg freezing, embryo transfer, egg retrieval, assisted hatching, Pre-implantation Genetic Testing of embryos etc.

An Indian ART and IVF specialist, Dr. Goral Gandhi has also worked for bettering quality control in labs and biological clinics. Her work also emphasizes on the evaluation of fertilization process, embryo culture, selection of embryos, embryo freezing, procedure of implantation, etc.

Apart from being an IVF trailblazer, the Indian clinical embryologist has been engaged in training some of the most brilliant minds at The International School of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology. Over the course of her flourishing career, she has trained more than 600 embryologists from all over the world, including countries like Australia, United States, Singapore, Jordon, South Africa, Ghana, Turkey, UAE etc.

Mrs. Gandhi has co-edited a textbook on Vitrification which is being studied worldwide. Over 30 chapters of various medical textbooks have been co-authored by her. Her writings are published in numerous journals in India as well as abroad.

Goral Gandhi has been at the forefront of embryology in India and is currently serving as one of the pioneers in reproductive healthcare segment of the country. She has also been instrumental in establishing assisted conception labs – with a focus on better practices in IVF, as well as education in all aspects of embryology and laboratory training.


  1. Deepali

    Helping thousands of childless couples enjoy parenthood is itself a noble job. Everyone should be proud of such IVF consultant.

  2. Nisha Singh

    Goral Gandhi has laid down a big example amongst all the IVF aspirants who would like to make it big in the assisted reproductive technology. She has been the power backed by all the knowledge and expertise in the same field.

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