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Growing E-Commerce in India has made logistics a sought-after sector. BBA in Logistics from ILAM can land in a guaranteed job

Business can’t function without one thing: supply chain. Yes, it is that proponent of every business, transporting the product to its end customer. A typical supply chain for a product involves input from the supplier, manufacturer, distribution centre, retailer and the last, consumer, where the product moves in from one stage to the last.

The whole art of managing supply chains is called logistics. It is the science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources from the source of production to the marketplace.

For all those who recently cleared their 12th Boards, graduation in management could be the just the right thing to do. A BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) in Logistics can steer you in the correct career path. Unlike a general graduate, a BBA degree from ILAM can open job career prospects immediately after your graduation. ILAM is the only Institute that offers full time residential programs at BBA level in Logistics from a UGC-recognized university. All the programmes are UGC-recognized.

Students will have a 52-acre campus in the Greater Noida campus to study. There is a fully-equipped sports complex, modern hostel facilities, and a library with more than 60,000 books.

The Indian logistics industry is likely to grow to a $110 billion-business in a couple of years from now. And this growing industry will need over 4 lakh skilled manpower. Around 35k warehouse managers will be required in another 2 years from now. Globally, Rs 90 trillion are spent on logistics.


BBA in Logistics is for those who want to pursue a practical discipline, for this aspect of business is concerned with strategically managing the supply chain so that the right goods get to the right place, at the assigned time in the best condition, all at a managed cost. It is a practical discipline, concerned with planning and management.

Logisticians work in virtually every industry in the business world.


At ILAM, there is a dedicated team of experts who regularly contribute content and knowledge to the students, making learners aware about the practical field of logistics. The BBA course is designed by leading experts in logistics, to ensure advanced learning for its students. ILAM ensures complete coverage of all logistics functions, including procurement, planning, inventory management, logistics, manufacturing, scheduling, and customer service.

That’s not all. The BBA programmes offer an integrated 6-month internship wherein students can avail hands-on experience with some of the top Logistics firms. The best thing about ILAM? On completion of the course, the ILAM faculty team trains students for job interviews. To top it, ILAM provides 100% job placement support through a dedicated career cell.


The career opportunities of a BBA Logistics graduate are many: Customer services managers,   Logistics manager, Supply chain manager, Inventory managers, Material managers, Purchase managers, Transportation managers to name a few.

With the growing e-commerce sector, the demand for Logistics has risen. Global leaders like Amazon have made online shopping business a rage, and for the logistic sector, there’s no limit.

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