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Entrepreneurship Education: How B-schools are transforming students into entrepreneurs

From creating jobs and producing services and products that improve quality of life to giving rise to a more robust economy — the significance of entrepreneurship cannot be overstated. Therefore, a favourable ecosystem for entrepreneurs will enable them to experiment with new ideas and empower the emerging ones as well.

While the Indian government has introduced various measures and policies to achieve the ambitious Start-up India Action Plan to boost the entrepreneurs, B-schools also hold the key to develop future entrepreneurs through cutting-end management programmes and curriculum. Here’s how top B-schools in India are empowering students effectively and preparing them for productive careers.

Inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset

Top MBA and PGDM colleges in India like NIT, IIT and iFEEL Lonavala have entrepreneurship cells (E-cells) that organised various events, workshops and invite business executives to deliver guest lectures, thus helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Furthermore, they also give students the opportunities to participate in entrepreneurship contests with other students from top management institutes to develop entrepreneurial, leadership and analytical skills while keeping their competitive spirit alive.

Helping students establish their own businesses

Premiere B-schools in India helps students set up their own businesses. For instance, (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership) iFEEL Lonavala offers a space for students to launch a business at a very nominal rate for 18 months. In addition, for the students who opt out of college placement, the institute gives them 18 months’ time to experiment their business ideas and if they are unsuccessful in their venture, they can come back for the placement process.

Incorporating technology-related topics in the course

Technology has established a formidable presence in today’s global economy. Therefore, B-schools these days have started incorporating more technology-related topics in the curriculum for offering the students complete know-how of the strategic ways companies and entrepreneurs harness technology to operate and innovate.

Collaborating with other B-schools

To help students broaden their horizons and foster knowledge exchange, Top MBA and PGDM colleges in India conduct global exchange programs with other institutions. Among the key features of the E-cell of iFeel Lonavala is the cross-domain workshops it organises in collaboration with other leading B-schools.

Additionally, the PGDM courses offered by most management institutes are a blend of both practical and theory aspects to offer students a real-time industry experience while being thorough with all the fundamentals of business management.

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