How e-learning can become one of the best available solutions for schools

With the advancement in technology over the years, the structure of India’s education sector has evolved drastically. From traditional classroom system of education, it has adopted an e-learning mode of education.

E-learning has gained immense popularity, especially during the lockdown. Experts at Toppscholars say that e-learning platforms have eased the students’ mode of learning and generated more quests for knowledge.

Listed below are some of the major benefits offered to the schools by e-learning apps:


Affordability has become one of the most important reasons why e-learning has gained popularity. Accessing the traditional system of education can be relatively heavy on the pocket. With e-learning apps like Toppscholars, mode of learning can be easily accessible as well as affordable.


E-learning apps facilitate learning beyond the classroom walls. You can learn anywhere and anytime. Most of these apps also have the feature where you can get advice from the experts for clearing your doubts.


Apart from being accessible, portability is one of the main features that making e-learning a preferred mode of education. You just need to have a smart phone, computer, laptop or tablet. It is easily accessible and portable.


These apps provide students with unlimited access to virtual lecture but also the ease of studying at their own time and pace.  Apart from this, you can also record lectures and watch them at your own convenience. Additionally, your progress can also be recorded. This is why e-learning makes studying more interesting, and is thus garnering a lot of attention and interest lately.

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