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How schooling has a role to play beyond academics in today’s time

Be it knowledge, grades, or academic competitions, nearly every parent expects their child to excel in school. Irrespective of primary or secondary education, students mainly aim at scoring the best marks and have an exam-centric approach towards learning.

But, here comes the question: Is education confined to academic knowledge only? And if not, what values does the school instill?

School is not just responsible for ensuring factual learning, rather it lays down the foundation that ensures the holistic growth of a child. Such an Omni-directional approach is not just restricted to academics but additionally factors in important facets such as co-curricular activities and the values instilled by the school.

Focusing on the latter through a parent advisory initiative, counselors at Ryan International School asserted that personality development and mastering life skills are a crucial aspect of a student’s school life. The session between parents and education experts helped parents address questions related to the education of their children as well as guided them in making the right choice during admissions.

Exposing children to fruitful interactions and routine activities, schools help in nurturing skills such as spontaneity, effective communication, intellectual growth, and presence of mind. Development of such skills is not just limited to school programs, but further helps the student in walks of life including career, future growth, and other life aspects.

To ensure holistic development, Ryan International School emphasizes on inculcating values such as honesty, integrity, and personal discipline. In addition, students grasp the notion of care, compassion, and kindness with the understanding of cultural and religious diversities in the country. This further introduces them to the societal issues, thereby instilling a sense of empathy and motivating them to use their knowledge and innovation to fuel initiatives that can be implemented on a commercial scale so as to improve the condition of people suffering from prolonged issues.

As such, the admissions in Ryan International schools and the calibre of its students and alums are proof of the schools’ ingenuity in educating children. Moreover, the Ryan International schools are also highly preferred amongst parents looking for better education and learning curve for their children – which furthers the schools’ credibility in making change-makers and smart thinkers.

That said, the paradigm of ideal schooling in today’s time maintains a balance between value education and academic knowledge. Although it is significant to score high grades for future career prospects, the holistic growth of a child is driven by the simultaneous development of soft skills and applicable skills something ensured by leading names such as Ryan International School.

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