How to find best fit B-schools for yourself – guidance from experts at iFEEL Lonavala

Enrolling in a B-school is a life changing experience that not only allows you to pursue your higher aspiration but also reimagine your career plans. Experts at iFEEL Lonavala believe that understanding your needs and requirements is the most important tool for finding the best B-School.

Selecting the most fitting B-school will determine your personal and professional growth for the years to come. To help the students figure out which program and B-school to opt for, iFEEL Lonavala experts have curated a process which will include the following steps:

  • Recognize your post MBA career objectives
  • Self-assessment
  • Identify targeted B-schools
  • Speak with current students and alumni

Recognize your post MBA career objectives

The resolve of getting enrolled in a Business School is derived from deep introspection and self-awareness. Being aware about where you are in your career and where you would like to be is the most essential step in determining the list of schools that will help you in getting there. In the very first step, you need to identify what is it that you want to accomplish after you have pursued MBA.

Conduct Self-Assessment

The best MBA programs search for individuals who have the potential to leave a huge impact in their respective profession, subsequent to getting their MBA. In this way, self-assessment serves both as a guideline to improve your skills and profile and a reality check.

Elimination Strategy for choosing Business Schools

In this step, R&D plays a major role. Preliminary online research and interaction with friends, peers, and colleagues who have pursued their MBAs would help you get a clearer picture. Besides the college website, there are multiple ways you can find out about a particular B-school, i.e. through network. It is always better to leave no stone unturned while you’re taking such a crucial decision of selecting a business school.

Speak with current students and alumni

According to the experts at iFEEL, it is important to collect all the information you can about your preferred institution through its alumnus or current students. Student testimonials offer the most bare and honest image of a B-school and are likely to help you narrow down your list further.

Requirements and Expenses

Lastly, the courses and institutes you opt for, are going to be based on whether they meet your requirements and fall within your budget or not. One thing that scholars at iFEEL reiterate is that one must never judge the quality of something by its monetary value, which is why it is just as important to understand that all one must do is learn and grow to make an impact.

According to the experts at iFEEL Lonavala, “Determining the best fit B-schools before completing your applications can save your time, effort and resources during the admission process and will assure that you don’t spend two years in a program that’s not fit for you.”

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