fear of public speaking

5 Tips on How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking in English

Speaking in English often induces a sense of fear among the non-native speakers who are still learning the language. This fear often becomes a hindrance in their way to achieving fluency. Although there are several factors that give birth to this fear, language experts have identified some of the major influences that cause fear among English learners and the best ways to overcome them.

fear of public speaking

What Causes Fear of Speaking English in Public?

Every fear has its roots embedded in a person’s psyche. One may get scared of speaking in English due to any reason. It is believed that there is usually more than one factor at play when a person is afraid of speaking up. Some of them are listed below:


This is one of the most common reasons behind a person’s fear of speaking. People often over-think about what impression their words might make.

Concern that others are judging you

This is another common factor affecting a person’s fluency. In a country like India, people are often judged on the basis of their fluency in English. This often instills fear in the mind of the speaker/learner.

Dissatisfaction with your abilities

People tend to get dissatisfied with their abilities when they are unable to achieve fluency after a few attempts. However, fretting is not the solution.

Past failures

Ghosts of past failures can haunt anyone, anytime. Horrible memories often get etched on our minds. This leads to hesitation while speaking.

Comparison to others

When a person knows that he is going to be compared to other people, who are more fluent than him, he gets conscious about each and every word that he speaks and makes more mistakes than he otherwise would.

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fear of public speaking

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking in English?

Language and Semantics experts suggest some tips on how to overcome fear of public speaking in english that could be of great use:

Accept your mistakes

No one can learn to speak any language without making mistakes. Even the native speakers are unable to speak flawlessly at times. Learn from your mistakes. Acknowledge the fact that your mistakes only make you better.

Believe in your abilities

Never doubt yourself. If a toddler can learn a new language and be fluent in it within a few years, so can you be!

Let bygones be bygones

Don’t brood over the follies you committed in the past or any particular bad experience that you had. Keep the past behind; don’t let it ruin your present and your future.

Be persistent

Never give up on your goal of achieving fluency. Don’t fret if it’s taking you more time to learn English than the others. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

Seek guidance from experts

“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

The quote above by Noble laureate Malala Yousafzai, stands true. A good teacher is worth a thousand books. Enroll yourself in some reputed English teaching institutes to get the right guidance.

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