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Get highest band in IELTS with help of these IELTS preparation apps

Being able to pursue further studies abroad is still a dream for many and yet, not everyone knows how to go about with it and where to start from, in the first place. While there are many consultancy agencies that guide students in seeking admissions at some of the top colleges and universities abroad, the first thing they ask you is – “What’s your IELTS score?”

Your IELTS score is the cornerstone to getting admissions at overseas universities. From the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland to even the land of dreams – USA, IELTS is accepted as evidence of your English language proficiency. So if you wish to pursue your further studies abroad or work there, it’s high time that you start preparing for IELTS early on. Confused about how to prepare and where to start from? We have listed some of the top IELTS preparation apps for you.

1) IELTS Prep App by British Council 

Developed by the British Council, this is a must-have app for IELTS preparation. You can have unlimited access to all the tools required to prepare for your test.

ielts british council app

From a comprehensive overview of the tests and free practice tests for listening reading, writing and speaking, to grammar exercises, it has everything one would expect from an IELTS preparation app. One of the best parts about this application is the fact that it also has videos of IELTS interview tests along with the tips and tricks to ace your exam.

Key features

  • Free practice tests
  • Grammar exercises
  • Assessment criteria explained
  • Vocabulary exercises

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2) IELTS Practice & IELTS Test (Band 9) 

Now sail through your preparation smoothly with this app that has a whopping 4.8 rating in google play store. With over 380 IELTS practice tests for all the categories with detailed model answers, you couldn’t have gotten your hands on anything better.

You can also access sample essays and common words that should be used for IELTS test. The interface and features of the app are what make it all the more likable.

Key features

  • Daily updates
  • Over 380 practice tests with more than 4000 questions
  • 600+ sample essays
  • Idioms and common words




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3) IELTS preparation app. English Vocabulary Builder

No matter how proficient you think you are in English, when it comes to sitting for IELTS exam, it can get a little tricky because there are specific ways to write your answers and particular words and phrases that have to be used.

IELTS preparation app. English Vocabulary Builder

This app for IELTS preparation is jointly managed by British Council, IDP, IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. It helps you build your English vocabulary through flashcards all of which are pronounced by native British English speakers. With over 60,000 examples of British English words, the app can be used as a handbook to score a high band in IELTS Reading, Speaking and Listening.

Key features

  • Essential English Vocabularies
  • Usage examples
  • Practice tests for writing, reading and listening tests
  • Helps you keep track of your progress

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4) IELTS Exam Preparation

Along the same lines of the aforementioned app is ‘IELTS Exam Preparation’ that covers the most important words (5000+) to be used during the exam. Thus, when it comes to improving your vocabulary, this is the best app for IELTS preparation that one can ask for.

Each of the 5000 words come with their definition, usage, pronunciation and other details as mentioned in the Oxford dictionary. Every now and then, the app takes random language tests to check how much you have learnt so far. While this app is typically used for IELTS preparation, it can also be used if you are looking to improve your English vocabulary in general.

Key features

  • Over 5000 words
  • Vocabulary test
  • Random test
  • Word Training

5) UtterMost: IELTS Preparation app

While most IELTS preparation apps may be predominantly focused on academics, this is one such app that offers study material for General IELTS exams as well. So if you are sitting for the latter, this is an ideal app for IELTS preparation.

Uttermost has over 300 listening practice tests along with 300+ writing practice tests each for both Academics and General exam. For IELTS Speaking, it has 1000+ Speaking Topics along with answers. With Virtual IELTS Speaking test that it is integrated with, you can also record answers on your own.

Key features

  • Latest IELTS Study Material
  • Practice tests for academics and general
  • IELTS Essay Evaluation
  • Experts’ help

App store is flooded with all kinds of IELTS preparation apps, but we have listed here some of the best ones for you. With simple user interface, unlimited practice questions and help at your fingertips, you will surely get through your IELTS exam with flying colors using even just one of these apps dedicatedly. Make no mistake in IELTS preparation because every single thing matters whether it is with regards to fluency and accuracy in speaking test or structure in writing.

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