Skill Development in India

Imparting proper training a step towards skill development in India

Training is an integral part to any organization. It is important that employees are trained properly to give their best. With the coming up of new jobs and roles, an individual needs to poses a good skill set.

Skill Development in India requires proper training to meet the requirements of an organization. Besides, national missions such as ‘Make in India’ are leveraging talent with equal amount of ambition and caution, but India still has a long way to.

A recent study revealed that one lakh engineering students who graduated in year 2015 are unemployed. Clearly, stating the skill gap in country. The realization on the importance of skill development in India, especially for students searching the job market is expected to lessen the gap between education and employment.

Considering the current education and job scenario, appropriate skills developed over time helps people with a combination of both soft and life skills.

Here is the Return on Investment your skills sets can give:

Importance of skill development in India.


1. Increase Employment Opportunities: Beyond all doubts training provides an increased employment opportunities. Now a days, even entry level roles in many industries base level qualification. By completing a training course, your employment opportunities become broad.

2. Personal Growth: Training not only provides you with the skills in particular area, at the same time it empowers an individual. For any type of job, besides technical skills, employers intensely look for a different kind of skill in their potential employees.

3. Addressing flaws: Most employees have flaws in their workplace. A training program confers to address the issue and strengthen your skills. It brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar set of skills and knowledge.

4. Consistency: Consistency is the key to success. A consistent employee lives up to the expectation and delivers his work efficiently. Therefore, a robust training and development program ensures that employees have a consistent experience and background knowledge.



  1. Arnav Joshi

    It’s a good article as i got to know importance of skills that a graduate should have in them

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    Skill India is helping in growth of economic….great.

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    nice article.

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    Skill development courses are very important nowadays.

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    Make in India and Skill India is doing quite well.

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