Important business skills for IT students

Reskilling and upskilling: Important business skills for IT students

As the skills required for the jobs today are changing rapidly, Education experts talk about the top business skills every IT student needs to upgrade:

To learn is to earn. In today’s corporate ecosystem, one in four people report a mismatch between the skills they possess and the skills they need for their current job. The IT industry is no exception. At this juncture, it becomes imperative for IT professionals to reskill and upskill themselves with the right set of qualities that would pave the way to a successful career.

‘Reskill’ and ‘upskill’ are not only used for acquiring a new trait or honing an existing one. Reskilling and upskilling is a constant process that adds to the learning curve of a professional. This process should not be taken as a task, but as a sort of self-investment. The more you invest, the better returns you reap.

Being an IT professional is not limited to exhibiting your technical expertise; it now includes inculcating some soft skills as well. While an exact number could never be put to these important qualities, we’ll discuss three of them here:

Time management and organization

Time management walks hand-in-hand with being organized. Whether it’s running a meeting, building a server, or editing a script, every hour used to do something costs an employer money in labor, parts or missed deadlines. It also impacts the professional’s reputation with the higher-ups.  Once a person knows how much time certain tasks take, they can then effectively make plans around them.


Nothing is more important than being a skilful communicator. However, communication isn’t just limited to sending out meaningful emails or giving great speeches. It is a two-way street i.e. a good communicator must also listen effectively, read between the lines and confront possible problems proactively. Socializing, team building and open-door policies are some of the great ways to invite inputs from team members, colleagues and managers.


Most IT professionals, if not all, come from working in the data center trenches, gathering years of experience in various technologies they now hold expertise in. While this knowledge is useful at first, as time goes on, the experience gets outdated. Adapting to the changing tech-world becomes crucial for people working in the IT sector, more so because technology is the emissary of progress, and progress doesn’t come without change.

Along with these (and many more) skills, the professionals also need to keep up with changing job demands. Change is the essence of life, and upskilling is an essential change in professional sphere.

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