Worried about placements? Infowiz provides a comprehensive solution for engineering jobs

Engineering Placements- that moment of your college life when you utilize the knowledge gained through years to ensure a job in the corporate world. Dream companies, aspirations, job roles, expected packages, and endless other factors make it a nail-biting, yet exciting process for every candidate. But, the question is how many students get placed? Maybe 10% of your batch mates. Ever wondered why?

India’s Education system is home to a bunch of loopholes that do not precisely prepare the student for the modern world. Outdated syllabus and old teaching methods may help the student become a subject topper, but when it comes to practical applications, they realize that what they studied about database, microcontrollers, furnace building, or mechanical software was of 1972 and it will not guarantee them a job in 2019.

As a result, placement results of multiple colleges except for the premier ones suffer a down spiral. In a bid to improve this, Infowiz, an industrial training institute based in Chandigarh, provides courses for engineers of every stream ranging from six week to six months. The primary objective is to prepare the students for the competitive world with the knowledge of current technologies via new-age teaching methods.

Big data, artificial intelligence, apache frameworks, SQL, python, C/C++, Cisco CCNA, AutoCad, 3Ds Max, etc, are some of the trainings offered by Infowiz Solutions. You must be thinking why Infowiz and not any other institute? While others offer 100% placement assistance, Infowiz has maintained a share of more than 75% placement success in the past years. This includes corporate giants like IBM, Larsen and Toubro, Genpact, Wipro, Ericsson India, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Railways, Nokia Siemens and many more.

Furthermore, Infowiz has collaborated with a number of companies for placement drives including Avalon, BuildTech, Eco-Valley Constructions, etc. For maximum industrial exposure, some programs also provide the opportunity to visit the in-house processes of premier companies like Samsung in their global offices like South Korea, Singapore, and Japan.

Though reforms are in process to change the method of teaching and upgrade course with online sources, Smart Board, and interactive activities, institutes like Infowiz are a great source to gain practical, industry-centric knowledge and put up cutthroat competition in the corporate world.

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