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Infowiz Chandigarh garners enthusing reviews from students

Infowiz Chandigarh has been on the industrial training block for some years now. In a short time, the tech company has garnered interesting evaluations that laud its services for its finesse and placement count. Its bundled offer of landing you in a job when you finish training, attracts the most attention from graduates.

Infowiz Reviews

Nowadays, accredited engineering colleges are delivering big batches of techies every year. The engineering tradition is creating a considerable misbalance in the engineer-to-job ratio. While engineering students who have other interests are changing their career path, the ones loyal to their degree are finding the competition difficult.

Only sharp skills can save the ones who wish to take up a career in the engineering disciplines. This is why industrial training institutes exist. They bridge the gap between a professional environment and an academic-oriented mind.

Unlike Infowiz’s competitors, there’s an ‘X-factor’ associated with its industrial training. Candidates who have successfully completed the institute’s curriculum often deem the personalization of lessons as the ‘X factor’ mentioned. It’s a comprehensive six-month training that is poles apart from what students learn at college.

Take their cloud computing module as an example. It’s using Amazon Web Services as a platform to teach candidates about storage services, virtual private cloud, elastic load balancing, auto-scaling, and more. There’s Microsoft Azure Cloud module as well, which answers the more basic questions. Through Microsoft Azure, students are introduced to different classes of cloud services, vendors, and the features of Azure.

The six-month industrial training for SalesForce readies candidates for a less-explored market. The domain expert familiarizes them with how a company profile is set, organizing a good user interface, and the configuration of important settings. A hands-on approach is taken to every small detail because that’s where the rudimentary understanding stems from.

Infowiz’ reviews place it as a premier training institute in Chandigarh that includes names like NITTR, Webtech Learning, ThinkNEXT, and CMC Academy. The USP of this company is that it provides consultation services too, employing some of its trainees in the process, which gives them professional exposure before they’re hired by a company.

It’s thrilling to work on real-time projects as you can see your inputs run before your eyes and create something useful and valuable. Even if you’re somewhat unlucky when it comes to placements, Infowiz’s training is enough to motivate you as an entrepreneur.

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  2. Harleen Kaur

    Infowiz Chandigarh really is a good industrial training institute. I went there from my college to learn Data Mining. Good faculty.

  3. Probhjot

    This sounds interesting! Does Infowiz have any course in Digital Marketing?

  4. Himanshi Gupta

    Where exactly in Chandigarh is Infowiz located? I live in Sector 16.

  5. Payal Singh

    I have read Infowiz Chandigarh reviews on many sites. Seems like a good institute.

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