Integrated Teacher Education Programme

Education Ministry to launch four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme

The Ministry of Education has recently announced the launch of a four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP). The latter is a dual-major holistic bachelor’s degree offering BA-BEd, BSc-BEd, and BCom-BEd. Slated to be launched from the 2022-23 academic session, the course will initially be offered in pilot mode in around 50 selected multidisciplinary institutions.

A senior official of the ministry of education said, “The National Council for Teacher Education has devised the curriculum of this course in such a way that it enables a student-teacher to get a degree in education as well as a specialized discipline such as history, mathematics, science, arts, economics or commerce.”

Bolstering the same, ITEP will impart a cutting-edge pedagogy all the while establishing a strong foundation in early childhood care and education, foundational literacy and numeracy, inclusive education, and an understanding of India and its values, ethos, arts, traditions, etc.

In addition to all these, the integrated course will benefit students in a way that it will be finished in four years instead of the customary five years that is required by the present BEd plan.

On the other hand, for the teaching community, the course will contribute significantly to its revitalization. The prospective teachers passing out of this course will have instilled in them the knowledge of ancient Indian values and traditions and the needs of the 21st century on global standards. This will in turn be helpful in shaping the future of New India.

The four-year ITEP will commence from the academic session 2022-23 and admissions for the same will be conducted by the National Testing Agency through the National Common Entrance Test. Offered by multidisciplinary institutions, the course will be the minimal degree qualification for school teachers.

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