From Jeetu Bhaiya to IIT Preparation: The right learning’s from Kota Factory

As fans line up the comment section of various videos from The Viral Fever (TVF) with Kota Factory Season 2 requests, the series can certainly be counted among the most successful ventures of the TVF creative team. Be it the iconic characters featuring Jitendra Kumar (Jeetu Bhaiya) or the sinusoidal storyline, Kota Factory has certainly made its home in the hearts of millions across the country. However, as you fanboy over the web series, here is a slit of right learnings that everyone could apply in their life:-

Vaibhav was able to pull through the hard times of his life because Jeetu Bhaiya acted as a guiding force and showed him the right direction for academic as well as personal problems. Having an ‘agony aunt’ helps you to see things rationally when your judgment is clouded with emotions, thereby leading to better decisions. However, it is imperative that you take the initiative to talk about your problems – something Vaibhav portrayed very beautifully.

  • The 21/90 rule

Jeetu Bhaiya might have mentioned this with respect to 11th standard physics, but it is applicable to multiple aspects of life. Whenever you face a hurdle, keep fighting it instead of running from it as it is the only way to make it easier and eventually, find a permanent solution. It takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to develop it as a lifestyle. So, the next time you are in a dilemma about joining the gym or how to quit a bad habit, use the golden rule.

  • Talk to your friends

The iconic monologue by Uday when he reveals his journey about how he ended up in Kota preparing for IIT is an unforgettable moment for every viewer. As it portrays the bond between Uday, Meena, and Vaibhav, it further sends out the message to talk to someone. People, especially students, often mask their issues behind their smiles and refrain to express their issues. However, everyone should take the initiative and try to talk to others.

  • Focus on your goal

Jeetu Bhaiya was spot on right when he said that it is important for Vaibhav to achieve his goal irrespective of which institute helps him do so. Every dream in life comes with a price of sacrifice. In Vaibhav’s case, it was Jeetu Bhaiya’s comfort, Meena’s friendship, and his feelings for Vartika. You need to prioritize which aspect of your life is more important at a certain point of time and then take subsequent decisions. Most of the times, they’ll be hard to make, but nothing good ever came to anyone easily.

That said, it is expected that Kota Factory season 2 would release in early 2020 and bring yet another dose of romance, humor, and life lessons.

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