Is Law a good career option after 12th grade?

Have you just completed your 12th grade and are looking for what to do next? It could be Engineering, Law, Accounting or Marketing. Well, with the availability of quite a few options, decision making becomes a little difficult for students. However, the bigger question is, what suits your capabilities the best? Where your interest lies?

The reason why most of the people opt for Engineering or Business administration is because it is considered to offer some of the highest paying jobs in the market. However, due to an easy accessibility to internet facilities, people are now exploring more options than ever. In that context, professional courses such as Architecture, Law, MBBS, seem to fare well as they provide professional license to start practice right after the graduation.

Amongst all of these degrees, Law is one of the most talked about and preferred subjects. Law is the basic part of our constitution and is the only legal education in India. Studying law is completely different from what it was a couple of year ago. Apparently, practicing in the court is not the only opportunity left after the successful completion of the law course. The biggest advantage is that the student from any background i.e. Arts, Humanities, medical, can easily pursue graduation in law. Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the most prestigious entrance test, an equivalent to NEET and JEE, as it gives you an opportunity to enter into a good law college in India.

Listed below are some of the degrees of legal education after 12th grade in India:

1. Bachelor or Laws (LL.B.) – 3years
2. Integrated undergraduate degrees- B.A. LL.b., LL.b., BBA LLB- 5 years

Some of the best law colleges/ universities in India:

1. Faculty of Law, University of Delhi
2. Gujarat National Law University (GNLU)
3. National Law University, Jodhpur
4. Amity Law School, Delhi
5. Bharati VidyaPeeth, New Law College, Pune
6. Chankya National Law University, Patna
7. Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam

Currently, India has a great demand of skilled lawyer as per the survey conducted by the Bar Council of India. A law student can become a public prosecutor, solicitor general after gaining experience. Along with this, a good lawyer has the opportunity to work in ministry and government department as well.

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